Who I am

Web Developer I am a Front-end (JavaScript, HTML5, Responsive CSS) and Back-end (PHP) Developer. I previously worked in France, England (London) and Australia (Sydney)

French Born in Montlucon.
Lived in Saint-Etienne.
Studied in Lyon & Gap.

24Born on the 6th of August 1991.
So I'm technically 24.

Male Just so you know.

Traveller The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. St. Augustine

Athletic I do Sport every day, it just became a way of life

Open-minded Throughout my travels I met and lived with people from other countries. I learned a lot from them and I became more aware of what life can be like in other parts of the world.

What I like

Sport Can't live without it.
Athletics, Volleyball, Cycling, Soccer, Basketball, Rock Climbing, ...

Travel I worked in farms in Ireland, France & Norway; Cycled around Australia (15 000km in 99 days); hiked & hitchhiked in Canada for 2 months; went trekking in Morocco and Nepal, ...

Nature I just love being outdoors in the wild ...

Mountains I lived one year in Gap in the French Alps ...
Only knew I was addicted when I was missing it even though I was travelling in Australia, one of the best travelling destinations in the world.

Food I have a very good appetite :)

What I do (for a living)

Websites After studying IT computing for 2 years, I decided to study a third year to focus on Internet & Mutltimedia Applications.
I now have a dual competence as a Front-end and Back-end Developer allowing me to fully build complex websites from scratch.

Apps During my studies, I had the chance to build Apps using many different languages (Web-based, Java, Flash/AS3)

JS/HTML/CSS Worked 3 months in London England as a Front-end JavaScript & Drupal developer at VeInteractive
I also created the blogging platform TravelMap which has an advanced User interactivity.

PHP Worked 6 month in France and then 6 months in Sydney Australia as a Back-end Developer at RedfoxMedia

AS3 Take a look at my Portfolio and have fun with my Flash Apps (all done with ActionScript 3)

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Lac de Serre Poncon, near Gap, France

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Portfolio Web developer front-end and back-end

What I did Uni SEO Project - be first on Google
Using a combination of HTML5 Geolocation, Google Maps & Google Places, Localise-moi is displaying your current position on a map and allows you to see what is around you (shops, bars, atms, parkings, ...) Uni Multimedia Project - create a Flash App
I was Project Manager of a group of 5 to create that Application (using ActionScript 3)

Image Mapping Tool This was my test to get my job in London.

Flash Apps Here are some of the Applications I created during my studies in Gap.

Croisière Bourse Started this project in 2015 in Barcelona with 2 associates. It is a SaaS app with paying access to a trading algorithm.


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Preikestolen, The Pulpit Rock, near Stavanger, Norway

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What I am doing

Travel Blog I recently launched TravelMap (on the 1st of January 2014), a free blogging platform dedicated to Travellers.

Interactive Map The first Travel Blog to have a fullscreen Google Map on the Homepage to quickly visualise the travellers' itinerary.

Photo Gallery You can link your Pictures to your Map for a better representation of your trip.

Journal Write about your adventures and see previews of the articles on the Map.

View TravelMap website
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Sand dune in Noosa Everglades, Australia

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Clément MAS
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Gorges du Saut du Loup, near Nice, France

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