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My next challenge: row across the Atlantic Ocean with a team of 4 international adventurers.

The goal is to break the world record of 50 days.

We will set off on the 1st of March 2017.

The adventure has begun…

The preparation for this personal and collective challenge has already started. At 25, I will be the youngest and first French person to row from Europe to South America.

The expedition is organised by Ralph Tuijn, whom I met in the middle of the Australian desert in 2013. He already rowed across the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Pacific and Indian Ocean.

Prior to the training, I had never rowed a day in my life. And I don’t have any ocean/sea experience. However, I’m already used to getting out of my comfort zone and pushing my limits. I’ve been on many adventures on land and this is the perfect opportunity to tackle a new challenge.

We started to train in the channels around Amsterdam (see video below) and we’re heading down to Portugal at the end of February for the last week of training.


Life on board

Our boat, the Rannoch 45 will contain everything we need to be fully autonomous. There are solar panels on the boat to charge all our electronic equipment : GPS, satellite phone, watermaker, …

We are going to row day and night doing 2 hours of rowing / 2 hours of rest during 50 days to cover 6 000 km (3 600 miles) between Portugal and French Guiana.

For food, we’ll do some fishing but we’ll mostly eat freeze dried and dehydrated food to get our 6 000 calories per day.

Clement Mas rowing


You want to participate in the adventure?

To finance this expedition, I’m raising 15 000 € to cover the costs of :

  • The carbon-kevlar ocean rowing boat
  • The food on board
  • The equipment
  • The communication
  • The logistics and transportation before and after the expedition

(More details here)

I need your support, even if it’s a just few euros, it would really help!
You can make a donation using the form below:

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If you have/know a company, you can also become a sponsor.


Becoming a sponsor of the expedition

Each participant can have their own sponsors. As we are attempting to break the world record, the expedition will have a lot a media coverage and potentially a documentary in the future.

This is a great opportunity to associate your brand with an adventure that’s all about pushing the human limits and embrace the challenges of nature.

Depending on the participation, you will get:

  • Close communication: follow the boat every day, receive photos, satellite calls
  • Online mentions on website and in the press releases
  • Physical presence: Your logo on the boat and your brand on the equipment
  • Motivational speech in the company after the expedition


There are 2 main ways to support the expedition:

  • Financial support to help cover Clement’s costs of 15 000 €
  • Team equipment (sea/waterproof clothing, shorts and t-shirts, shoes, accessories, sleeping bags, …)


For more information, please contact me by email or phone (see details below).


Thank you!

You’ll be able to follow my progress on this page or directly on TravelMap.

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to contact me.

+33 7 81 83 85 42

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